Why am I seeing this post? Facebook Have An Answer For You

Why am I seeing this post? Facebook Have An Answer For You

Facebook is introducing a new feature that explains how its algorithms select what to pop up in your FB news feed.

"Why am I seeing this post?" a new button will indicate what data influenced Facebook's algorithms. It is the first time the FB has given people the right to this insight directly in its application and on the web also.

As per the Facebook interview with BBC the new feature was available for some FB users in the UK today and by 2nd may it will roll out for others.
The "Why am I seeing this post?" where you can find this button? At the top right of every post in the News Feed, the button will be found in the drop-down menu.
What is the use of this feature?

With the help of new a feature, now users can check why unwanted posts are showing on their news feeds. 

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