Top Five Tips For Yoga Beginners

Top Five Tips For Yoga Beginners

Top Five Tips For Yoga Beginners


If you are thinking about having a go at yoga then here are 5 tips to get you started; some best tips for any yoga beginner.


1: Find An Experience Yoga Teacher

It is very easier and much enjoyable, to learn yoga, with all its detailed and subtle physical and mental aspects, from an experienced, qualified person, rather than from a book or video. Especially at the beginning, a teacher’s presence and ability to actually see you and respond to what you are doing, is essential for starting your confidence that you are doing yoga properly.


2: Love Your Body’s Inner Wisdom and Limitations

Don’t push yourself to do anything that feels wrong or dangerous for you.  The practice of non-harm, which is essential to skilful and beneficial practice of yoga. Have some words with your teacher and a health professional if you are pregnant or have particular injuries such as to the knees or spine, or any serious medical condition. Find out which poses is not good for your and avoid at certain times, and which will be beneficial for you. Be aware of contraindications relevant to your specific circumstances: for example some poses are not to be practiced during early pregnancy, with certain injuries, or during menstruation, whereas other poses may be very helpful.


3: Don’t Compare Yourself With Others People

Look inwards to your own progress; there will always be much flexible, strong and beautiful people around in your yoga class room, as in life. Yoga may be fashionable, but 100% it is not a spectator sport or a competition with other. Appreciate the subtle progress of your own practice; the best part of it is on the inside, in the healing awareness and unity of your own body, mind and spirit.

4: Eating and Drinking Is Good

It is advisable not to have for one or two hours before yoga class, and to drink only small amounts of water beforehand and do not drink during practice. Avoid alcohol, sugar or caffeine before yoga.

5: Wear Loose Comfortable Clothing

You will stretch your body in all directions and so you don’t want to wear anything that will stuck in or restrict your movement. At some points you are likely to bend your body right over and also turn upside down, so it saves wriggling about or exposing more that you wish to if you wear stretch fit gear. For women in particular, tops that won’t fall down over your head in a shoulder stand might be more relaxing to wear, for example! If you prefer looser fit clothes that may slip, make sure you have substantial underwear on.

Five bits of yoga kit and equipment to get you started:

Yoga mat

Provides cushioning on a hard floor and a non-slip surface for standing.

Yoga strap

Helps when you can’t reach to hold a leg, foot or hand.


Yoga bolster

Supports your spine, legs or abdomen in certain poses.

Yoga block

Helps stabilize standing poses when you can’t reach the floor easily.


Extra floor padding and keeps you warm and comfortable at the end of a session

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