Top 10 Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel

Top 10 Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel

Top 10 Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel


There's no doubting that video marketing has become increasingly popular and accessible for businesses in recent years. While famous sites like Facebook, Sharechat and Instagram, as well as your own website, are excellent locations to invest, having a YouTube channel may be the best way to market your company, as one billion people view videos on the network every day.


YouTube, dubbed the world's "second-largest search engine," may help people find your material quickly and engage with it provided you know a few strategies and understand the basics of generating creative videos. Here are some of the best YouTube channel growth tips.

1. Commit to posting on YouTube at least once a week.

According to recent research, YouTube channels that upload more than once a week perform significantly better and receive significantly more recommended views. Post a video to YouTube three or more times every week, if possible, especially if you're just getting started and attempting to create an audience. Maintaining a consistent posting schedule with many updates each week will quickly boost your channel's ranking in the algorithm.


Creating a large amount of content on related topics early on will help your channel score well in the algorithm, as well as build a library of content that will guide viewers from one video to the next, increasing your watch time and providing them a reason to subscribe.


2. Create a Workflow for Video Production That Will Last

You might be generating Oscar-worthy short films and videos, but if each video takes six months to make, your YouTube channel won't develop. People come back for more when there are regular video uploads at predictable times.


Choose content that you can develop and create on a regular basis, and identify ways to expedite your production workflow, whether it's setting up a studio, establishing an editing template, or employing helpers or a production team, whatever type of films you want to make. Continue to fine-tune your themes and production method until everything runs smoothly.


3. Start each video with a captivating hook.

It is up to you and your content to hook viewers. Show the final product first if a video contains a project of any type. A fantastic result piques people's interest in learning how you got there. This method works well in DIY and makeover videos. Cute Girls Hairstyles, for example, always shows the final product before describing how to construct a haircut.

Another technique to catch viewers' interest is to tell a story. People are wired to tell stories. People will naturally want to stick around to watch what happens if you start your film with a story. Furthermore, personal experiences appeal the presenter to the audience and can frequently serve as a useful transition to more complex themes.

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4. Titles and opening credits should be kept. Short

Our attention spans are limited. People can lose interest in a video if the title or credit sequence is too protracted. People don't like to watch the same extended sequence over and over, therefore a long beginning hinders binge watching.


Make your opening title and credits brief and snappy instead. Make the opener last no more than 5 seconds. Crystal Joy's title sequence, for example, is brief, charming, and pleasantly eccentric.


5. Remove any distracting elements from your video.

Long pauses, rambling speech, hopping from one issue to the next, or simply being boring can cause consumers to turn to the recommended films for entertainment. Keep tangents to a minimal, and if you must stray from the topic, make it visually or with a tale appealing. Give viewers no reason to leave your page.

6. YouTube Users Want to Click on Your Video Thumbnails

You can quickly cut from one shot to another lto prevent distractions while keeping your films fast-paced and entertaining. It is not necessary to film with many cameras to produce cuts. Text or transitions from basic video editors can also be used.

Design Video Thumbnails YouTube Users Want to Click Thumbnails, more than anything else, may make or break your YouTube business. Why? Video recommendations


On YouTube, suggested videos are the most common source of organic traffic. When someone is watching a video on YouTube, your video thumbnail needs to stick out in the right sidebar as a suggested video. When your video is recommended, YouTube is essentially endorsing it by implying that someone watching another video could appreciate yours as well.

Furthermore, if your video receives a lot of clicks as a suggested video, the YouTube algorithm is likely to notice it. Remember that YouTube, more than anything else, wants viewers to click on another video. As a result, they'll suggest videos that are most likely to attract that click.


7. Keep the promise made by the thumbnail


To begin, make the thumbnail relevant to the title and substance of the video. A video that has nothing to do with the thumbnail is the fastest way to get visitors to click away. The audience is duped. Not only will you lose your viewers, but you'll also have a low viewing time, which the YouTube algorithm appreciates the most.


With AdWords, experiment with thumbnail options.

Finally, the only way to tell if a thumbnail will function is to test it. To test your thumbnails with Google AdWords, create different choices.


8. Other Social Media Channels to Promote Your YouTube Videos

One of the best aspects of social media is the ability to cross-promote content across several platforms. The simplest strategy to expand your audience is to promote your YouTube videos on your other social media networks.


According to the Digital 2021: Global Overview Report, there is a large overlap in users across social media platforms, with YouTube attracting over 90% of all top channel users. This means it's a force to be reckoned with when it comes to marketing and engagement initiatives.

9. Make long videos to increase viewing time.

Make your actual video material as long as it makes sense for your topic, even if you wish to keep your credits brief. Given the notoriously short attention spans online, making extended videos seems odd. Shorter videos were deemed to be superior. Longer videos, on the other hand, equal greater watch time, which enhances your content in the algorithm.


Finally, the ideal video length is just long enough to convey all of the information without being too long. You will lose viewers if you make a video longer solely for the sake of making it longer. However, you should plan your video content with lengthier videos in mind. Videos between 7 and 15 minutes are the most popular.

10. Try going live on YouTube.

Live-streaming is an excellent approach to create content without investing a lot of time. Although live-streaming has a steep learning curve, it is the simplest way to make video content after you've mastered the technique.

All social media networks actively encourage live-streaming. (YouTube Live is the live video function on YouTube.) Because you can speak directly with your audience, this video format gives exceptional engagement chances. Long viewing times are also common with live video.


You can start broadcasting live video with your smartphone or camera. Even webcams that are relatively affordable can produce high-quality video.



To expand a YouTube channel, you must create YouTube content that considers both your followers and the algorithm. Make sure your thumbnails attract the attention of viewers and deliver on your promises. Start your videos with a good hook and keep the information intriguing by editing it. Overall, you want to provide an engaging experience for viewers.


Fortunately, increasing the visibility of your movies and consequently your channel via the YouTube algorithm increases the number of clicks and keeps people interested. Interesting material that gets people to click and results in a long watch time and session duration can help your videos get more views on YouTube. Playlists, collaborations, series, and end screens can all help you increase your chances.

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