Google has shut down its social network Google Plus from April 2nd, 2019

Google has shut down its social network Google Plus from April 2nd, 2019

As Google+ has suffered from data breach and Google has killed Google+ services from April 2nd, 2019. Google said more than 500,000 users had been affected by this action. Moreover, users can download their data from Google+ database before March 31, 2019.

According to Google, the company knew about the bug in March but they did not reveal it. In a statement, The firm said that error was not serious enough to inform the people.

What was Google+?

Google+ was launched by Google in June 2011, and it was social network application same like Facebook and Twitter, Its key feature was sort friends into "Circles" and make a group call with "Hangouts". Google boosted that millions of people had signed up within weeks of the launch. 

The problem was a number of people were using it.

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